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Every Ebay seller knows Ebay selling is very competitive. You may be good at writing auction titles and catchy auction listing pages. But how do you hold the attention of your auction visitors long enough to get them excited enough to bid?

According to Sellathon CEO Wayne Yeager, the amount of time an auction visitor spends looking at an auction page is a real eye opener. ???????? about half of all auction visitors - 48% to be exact - spend 10 seconds or less looking at your auction." Visit one of your ebay auction listings and assess how much a person can read in 10 seconds. Adding your seller's voice to the auction can increase the amount of time spent by your auction visitors. Selling on ebay is competitive and you want as much of that ebay shopper's time as you can get.

When I am training ebay sellers Women's Jarvis Landry Jersey , they often ask for audio scripting ideas. An outstanding example of audio ramping up an auction is on one of Skip McGrath's auctions. Skip McGrath is a well known and successful auction ?how to? guru. The following is taken from one of his fire pit auctions.

?Hi, my name is Skip McGrath. My wife Karen and I have been selling on ebay for 6 years and we love it.
You are bidding on my favorite product. We discovered this fire pit grill at a Seattle garden show a couple of years ago.
We paid full retail????????...
It was an immediate hit with us and our neighbors???????????
This quality, handmade fire pit is made of solid heavy gauge steel with cutouts????
There is a fine mesh top????..
This fire pit allows us to use our deck earlier in the spring and later in the fall????????????..
My wife and I have spent many an evening cuddled up with a glass of wine.
I am including?????????????
I will include????if you use the buy it now price????..
Bid now ???????? can have a romantic???????..?

Skip's audio tells the ebay visitor a little about himself (not too much). He tells a little story behind the product ? how he ran across it (he adds emotion ? tells you about his own excitement about the product). He tells the features and benefits of the product he is selling. He paints a picture of romance with the cuddling and wine out on the deck. He Women's Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , then, tells the auction visitor the advantages of buy it now. And finally, he tells the ebay shopper to take action and BID!!!

No wonder he reports his sales on the fire pit increased by 600%.

Adding audio to your ebay auctions is as easy as picking up your phone and recording your message. By using an auction audio service Women's Jim Brown Jersey , you not only increase your profits on the auction items you are selling, you add a second stream of revenue because you become an automatic affiliate. All you need are three referrals and your service becomes FREE. That will happen much more quickly than you might expect.

Take the leap. Add audio to your ebay auctions and you will take your ebay business to the next level.

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